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  1. Hello: I think you need to sell posters of yourselves, particularly the photograph of the three of you sitting on the sofa with one of you sitting in the middle at the top of the sofa, the photograph of the three of you in a field that appears to be perhaps, a wedding event, and three of you where you wear all white (the artist on the left appears in a long gown …). I came upon you via the Kennedy Center website (taking my mom and aunt to see Othello, and was looking for more tickets). I see that you will play at the KC on Saturday, but I have to work, but may be able to make the debut presentation of your album at Blues Alley. If so, I’ll mention this idea again, but if I don’t, I’m just saying, you need to be on someone’s wall. Thank you for reminding me of how important presentation is … ’cause you three present. Hope to hear your work soon … and very soon!

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