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The wait is over! We are so excited to share the official music video for the Black National Anthem “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” by Aloe Blacc featuring The String Queens – a project imagined and produced by ESPN and their online publication The Undefeated.

The String Queens are so grateful to have taken part in such a momentous and historical project.  The video was recorded at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello (Charlottesville, Va) and sought to capture the pain, the struggle, the hope, and resilience captured in the anthem’s lyrics.  Artist Aloe Blacc is the lead singer and producer of the song (along with DJ Kahlil), and The String Queens composed and performed the string arrangement heard throughout the piece.

Prior to writing the arrangement, The String Queens listened to many anthems and different versions of anthems, endeavoring to discover and convey the standard anthem qualities and characteristics.  Maya Jones, writer for The Undefeated, described this modern version of the classic, spiritual piece as

 “…the proclamation of a victorious, modern melody. Resilience. Rebellion. Redemption.”

The String Queens were discovered by The Undefeated’s Kevin Merida (editor-in-chief) at a fundraiser in Washington, DC in November of 2017.  Merida later connected The String Queens to Raina Kelley, managing editor of The Undefeated, who set the project in motion along with The Undefeated‘s Sharon Matthews (producer of the music video), Kevin Wilson (music director, ESPN) and MAC Productions.

The String Queens send a very special “thank you” to Kevin Merida, Raina Kelley, Aloe Blacc, Kevin Wilson, Maya Jones, Florence Carey (makeup artist), Chris Lewis (The String Queens’s recording engineer), Ariel Shelton (manager, The String Queens) and the Monticello staff for their outstanding efforts in making this production a reality.  The String Queens are grateful to have participated in the creation of this project and encourage you all to share the song and video with family and friends!

The song is available for streaming and purchase on all major digital outlets, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.  The music video is available on all ESPN outlets and can also be found on YouTube.




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